Business Automation and Analytics

Information Management and Analytics 

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to your data. We help you find the data that matters, and then distill, analyze, manage, and learn from it to make better business decisions. 

No matter where you’re at with your analytics, we can jump in with best-in-class practices, processes, and tools to get you moving in the right direction. Together, we’ll mine for insights that are digestible, accessible, and actionable—insights that help you better understand and connect with your customers, innovate faster, and enable your employees to do their jobs better. 

We’ll help you build for your future and leap past the competition. Let’s get started. 

Data- and analytics-driven strategy 

We assess your current data management processes and tools and work with you to create a data strategy that will set you up for success. 

  • • Data and analytics roadmaps 

  • • Vendor and tool evaluation 

  • • Analytics as a Service 

  • • Analytics organization design, e.g. CoEs, Data Labs 

  • • Consumerization of data and analytics 

Data management 

We help you build a strong foundation with the right strategies, processes, and custom-fit platforms to best manage your data. 

  • • Modern data architecture 

  • • Data integration and engineering 

  • • Cloud strategy 

  • • Meta and master data management 

Information governance 

Our security experts work with you to create a data governance system that keeps your company’s information safe and in the right hands at all times. 

  • • Data governance 

  • • Self-service governance 

  • • Adoption 

  • • Security and compliance 

Visual analytics 

We build beautiful, intuitive analytics dashboards that empower your employees to easily explore and access the information they care about. 

  • • Bespoke data visualizations 

  • • Dashboards and scorecards 

  • • Exception reporting 

  • • Just-in-time analytics 

Advanced analytics 

We use best-in-class practices and cutting-edge technologies to look ahead and analyze the future of your business. 

  • • Predictive modeling and data mining 

  • • Customer insights and analytics 

  • • Machine learning